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RPA Hands-On Training

Hands On Training

Based on the best practices and adaptation of proven methods, from the major RPA vendors, for implementing the final RPA solutions, the Hands-on Training program usually takes 8 weeks in a row, 40 hours per week, and is a continuous improvement on addressing client’s needs and real pain points, when implementing innovative solutions and thinking out-of-the-box before doing anything.

The starting point is to identify and qualify the transformation needs of client’s real cases, then use the right tools to assess and document all the processes in detail. Encouraging your team members to explore new paths and be creative, in order to leave their comfort zone, as this is the only way to move forward to the learning one.

Afterwards, client’s team members will build the RPA code for business solutions, with the full support of our RPA development experts and business processes analysts, that will bring skills and experience in specific techniques, delivering best-in-class examples, by following our methods and RPA tools in order to smothly carry on what is carefully specified and planned for each phase.

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