In the past it took several years to train a good developer to be able to develop good code. Today only a few months of training are required.
The best organisations find a way to create automatic and regular processes that extract information to "distil" a set of performance indicators
In 2022 the adoption is increasingly exponential and visible from the creation of hybrid workforces (human and digital) with the main objective of complementing each other in daily productivity
The ROI calculation justifies the investment by demonstrating the net benefit generated by the increase in productivity, arising from the optimization of costs associated with inefficiencies.
By combining these two technologies there is an added strategic value, with the creation of solutions that use a knowledge base to streamline processes
If implemented correctly, RPA is truly transformative for the financial sector and can be applied across a range of business areas
Automates repetitive processes with immediate productivity improvement, increasing operating margin and freeing up people for higher value-added work
The balance between the Methodology, the Tools and, mainly, the People, who should always be at the center of the Intelligent Automation of Processes
RPA can effectively make the difference between a profitable business and an inefficient one with shrinking margins
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