TdC Wants Artificial Intelligence to Control European Funds

The institution is working on projects related to artificial intelligence for both community funds and public administration

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TdC wants artificial intelligence to control European funds in public companies

Publish by Jornal de Negócios | 19/10/2021

“A very important principle in the courts of auditors is that they can control every institution where there is a public cent. But it is not necessary to control everything. What is necessary is that this possibility exists. How? There has to be an integrated control system. The Court of Auditors of the European Union regularly carries out audits, accompanied by us. And the TdC also counts on the cooperation of the Public Administration’s internal control bodies with special obligations in this matter, the inspectorates-general. The system works – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. And we are, for example, taking the first steps – crawling – in the use of artificial intelligence,” Tavares tells to Público.
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